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The Theory of the Dynamic Cosmos (TDC)

- an Alternative to ΛCDM Cosmology -

Enhanced Version 4.1 of 10 SEPT 2014

Bernd Urbach, TDC.Urbach@web.de

This theory explains the workings of the universe in a novel way, different from the prevailing (albeit still unproven) ΛCDM Cosmology which obviously is a failure, because it cannot explain the origin and nature of the Dark Energy and the Dark Matter which together comprise about 95% of the contents of the universe. These fundamental conundrums are on the top of an endless list of questions about the universe which the ΛCDM Cosmology cannot answer. Due to the absence of a real and detailed alternative, this ΛCDM theory has become the prevailing standard cosmology, though the many painful deficits of this theory are well-known to scientists (and are repressed sometimes).

This unsatisfactory situation is changing at present, because there is now a detailed alternative theory, based on the overdue principle to accept only those fundamental statements of the ΛCDM Cosmology which are undoubtedly true (like the Big Bang or the expansion of the universe) and to replace step by step all other fundamental statements by alternatives (like e.g. the singularity of the Big Bang or the never proven inflation). Consequently applied, this procedure reveals a cosmology which answers not only the questions for the origin and nature of the Dark Energy and the Dark Matter – but also answers lots of other open questions e.g.

for the unknown origin and nature of the Big Bang,

for the reason for

the unexplained acceleration of the expansion of the


the mysterious Dark Flow of galaxy clusters which

violates the ΛCDM Cosmology,

the existence of enormous super-massive Black Holes

so shortly after the Big Bang without sufficient time to


the observed combination of hierarchical and anti-

hierarchical structure formation in the universe


The Theory of the Dynamic Cosmos (TDC) is not a mere hypothesis, but this cosmology is supported by considerable observational evidence from x-ray satellites and CMB measurements of the completed WMAP and the current PLANCK mission. The TDC explains the reason for “... tantalizing hints of tensions both internal to the Planck data and with other data sets” which the Planck Collaboration found (2013 Results.I.), but which they cannot explain based on ΛCDM Cosmology or extensions of this cosmology which they developed for this purpose. The TDC reveals also the reason for unexplained “anomalies” in the WMAP and PLANCK data like e.g. the strange “lack of temperature correlation” for large angles. These proposed TDC explanations have been sent to the Planck Collaboration for examination - inclusive of the main

enhancements of the present version 4.1, compared to the versions 3/3.1:

A completely alternative to inflation which explains the primordial flattening of the universe in a novel way - without any super-luminal or super-horizon features (and thus, different from inflation theories, actually in accordance with General and Special Relativity) and without any reference to GUT- or similar energy scales. This corresponds to a refutation of Inflation Theory.

An explanation of non-inflationary, primordial Gravitational Waves contradicting the claim of the BICEP2 Collaboration to have proven inflation by having found inflationary Gravitational Waves.

This “appetiser” ends here, now, enjoy your cosmic meal: For the present enhanced version 4.1 of the TDC, please, press here


By the way:

The TDC has not yet been published in a science medium but has been boycotted for some years by the peers of the international astrophysical community and their journals as a surprising alternative, formally using the argument that I happen not to belong to this community, because I do not have an astrophysical affiliation (but I am a graduated mathematician only). Until now, nobody has questioned or objected the TDC, though it has been sent to many leading experts, inclusive of the NOBEL Laureates of 2011 who were awarded for finding the accelerated expansion of the universe, the reason of which is explained in a completely novel way by the TDC.

Now, each peer has three possibilities: (1) to refute the TDC or provide substantial objections, (2) to personally tolerate the scandal of this boycott, or (3) to help ending it in order to enable a scientific discussion of this alternative theory (e.g. by endorsing a publication on the arxiv-server that contains most cosmological papers). Students are requested to talk this scandal over to their professors.

P.S.: Fortunately, we do not live any more in the the Middle Ages, so at least I do not have to face the Holy Inquisition.

Bernd Urbach (Last update: 21 Sept 2014)